Our expertise

Demand driven education

TVETxp has inside knowledge from both sides of the spectrum and is experienced in organizing the communication between VET providers and branches leading to labour market validated curricula. Read more….

New skills for new jobs; future proof education

TVETxp has the expertise to lead and support the discussion between VET providers and the world of work. Read more….

Work based learning

TVETxp believes in the strength of work based learning and has over 30 years of experience with this issue. We have build up a reputation in the introduction and implementation of VET reforming projects in several countries. Read more….

European policy on VET

TVETxp sees the value of a flexible European labour market and has gained a lot of experience in the development of these projects and is very interested in supporting the beneficiary organisations in applying the results. Read more….


To the opinion of TVETxp there is a worldwide market open for Dutch expertise. We offer our expertise to help schools to internationalise their curricula and to help companies or sectors to reach the targets as set out in their sectoral Human Capital Agenda.                   Read more….


TVETxp has an experience of years in the development and execution of assessment systems throughout the different levels of vocational education. We are keen to make our expertise available for schools and and companies that want to reach a higher quality in performance. Read more….