The Dutch economy is very much focussed on export. People working in the Agro-Food sector need the competences to operate within an international context. If you produce for the foreign market you need to have knowledge of the values and norms of the target country. Not only that, but also about foreign life styles and eating habits. Also the internal market is changing. The multi cultural society has its own dynamics and influences on the demands for the production of food.

In the coming years the staffing of the Dutch Agro-food sector will become more and more difficult. A more international focus on the European potential can offer a solution in this matter.

Dutch Agriculture and Horticulture are leading in the world. Skills and knowledge of these sectors become more and more an export product on itself. There is a worldwide need for the skills and knowledge from university level until the level of hands on skills.

To the opinion of TVETxp there is a worldwide market open for Dutch expertise. We offer our expertise to help schools to internationalise their curricula and to help companies or sectors to reach the targets as set out in their sectoral Human Capital Agenda.