Internationale projecten

TVETxp heeft een ruime ervaring in het opzetten en uitvoeren van internationale projecten die de ontwikkeling en verbetering van het beroepsonderwijs tot doel hebben. Onderstaand vindt u daarvan enkele voorbeelden.

logo-emacEuropean Mobility Agreement Customizer (EMACustomizer)

The objective of the project is to foresee in online learning agreements on the central website for a great number of business sectors and in all the EU countries.

Enterprise TVET Partnership-Food Processing Egypt (ETP_food)

Developing innovative methods of training implementation (apprenticeship within the industry) and to strengthen the linkage with the sector. Capacity building input for improving the quality of TVET delivery ( developing professional occupational profile, training of master trainers and trainers, benchmarking, recognition, certification and program materials) Promote Dutch knowledge and know-how in Egypt

Improvement of training in Agriculture in Macedonia

Capacity building of the Macedonian authorities in order to create an enabling environment for investments in modernisation of agriculture and knowledge based agriculture development. The Macedonian Managing Authority of the IPARD Programme has been given a critical assessment on the current situation regarding human resource capacity in agriculture, the institutional and legislative framework for education and training and the existing training system in agriculture;

Attractiveness, quality and accreditation of placements in the green sector (AQUAP)

The project works on improvement of quality aspects of placements abroad, increase of available enterprises for students (preferable by an interface that ‘connects’ databases of partners), training of entrepreneurs as coach, motivation and preparation of students for a placement abroad, spread of information, evaluation of the activities.

QAFPQuality Assurance Foreign Placement (QAFP)

Development of a network of institutions (partners) in Europe that can and will accredit placement companies. Development of common criteria, and a common procedure for accreditation of companies.Monitoring of companies and the quality of practical learning To establish a European label or qualification of accredited companies. Expansion of work placement opportunities for students (databank, data exchange).