As for the assessment in Vocational Education and Training the examination should be based on the description of the actual knowledge and competences needed for the occupation. This does not mean that these needs are one and all the same as the content of a curriculum. Actually you could say that an occupational profile is independent from a learning pathway. The learning pathway is irrelevant. Knowledges and competences can namely be achieved by many varieties of learning. Assessment of a curriculum is significant different from the assessment of skills and competences needed to act as a professional in an occupation where you perform in a continuously changing context.

TVETxp strongly believes in assessments that are totally transparent to the candidate and to the assessor. It must be one hundred percent clear what will be assessed, which criteria are used and how these will be awarded. Having that in mind the preparation of the exams will cost a lot more time than the actual execution, but the accountability towards candidates afterwards can be clear and undoubted.

TVETxp has an experience of years in the development and execution of assessment systems throughout the different levels of vocational education. We are keen to make our expertise available for schools and companies that want to reach a higher quality in performance.