About TVETxp


TVETxp is founded by Fred van Koot.


Fred van Koot is involved in Vocational Education and Training ever since 1977.

Starting as teacher in Landscape gardening & design in 1983 he became Senior Consultant at the National body for Agricultural Apprenticeship in the Netherlands. Together with the employers organizations he reorganized the VET-system in to the first modular VET system in the Netherlands.  From that time his tasks evolved to management and he became Deputy C.E.O.  of the national body. Several reorganisations carry his signature. In the recent years he was responsible for international affairs at the Dutch centre of expertise, Aequor. Fred van Koot has an innovative mind and is always aiming at the improvement of the effectiveness of VET. His objective is to achieve sustainable and demand-driven education, based on the needs of business and industry. He sees collaboration and knowledge sharing as the basis for success. Fred van Koot serves on a number of national and international advisory boards concerning the collaboration between business and education. He has build a worldwide network related to EQF, ECVET and ESCO and his involvement in WorldSkills International, WorldSkills Europe and several international projects. He is one of the founding fathers of Skills Netherlands and the EuroSkills competition.